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“Mr. Musik-Ayala is a potent and formidable bass-baritone. He’s a force to be reckoned with, not only as Banquo, but as an ascendant star in the opera world.”

~Schmopera, Banquo in Macbeth



"When the prophet makes [his] first entrance from his subterranean cell, Musik-Ayala’s ominous vocal lines and steely authority, even in heavy chains and coarse long hair, powerfully reconfigure the drama. If Salome’s elaborately limned obsessions with his skin and hair and mouth are overtly sexual, it’s clear why anyone would fall under this Iokanaan’s [sic] compelling aura.”

~San Francisco Classical Voice, Jochanaan in Salome

"The bass-baritone Isaiah Musik-Ayala held his ground as the sole deep voice, bringing a burly and resonant tone to the role of Desdemona's father, Elmiro."

~The New York Times, Elmiro in Otello

"At the center is bass-baritone Isaiah Musik-Ayala, who plays the oafish father, Don Magnifico, with a wry cynicism, and possesses that rare ability to sing as if he is actually just conversing."

~Operaville, Don Magnifico in La Cenerentola

"Their anchor was bass-baritone Isaiah Musik-Ayala as the chaplain, doing an excellent job balancing the plot with moralistic advice that was too little too late. Vocally, he was that balance-point as well, a rich continuo line that each character resonated against."

~Repeat Performances, Raimondo in Lucia di Lammermoor

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